A Journey Worth Taking

by: Kenneth Hiner

Written by husband and wife, Lisa and James Laughlin, Our Journey is a must read for anyone interested in the rich history of pipe bands. Lisa envisioned the idea for the book as a fitting tribute for her little brother Arran who was both a fanatical pipe band drummer and a world champion by the age of 13! With insight and inspiration from forty-two of the top pipers, drummers, and drum majors throughout the pipe band community, Our Journey is filled with both breathtaking photography and heartwarming stories that more than carry on the spirit of Arran Campbell.

It seems only fitting that the very first chapter of the book is dedicated to Arran. The six pages chronicle the jourey Arran traveled beginning with him picking up his first set of sticks at the age of 9 to his first world championship at the age of  13 and more importantly all of the lives he touched in his time on this Earth before his untimely passing at the age of 18. Arran's story really sets the stage for this well written book bursting at the seams with inspiration.

As you read from chapter to chapter you are able to find incredible stories from champions such as Robert Mathieson, John Scullion, Scott Currie, Jason Paguio, Jim Kilpatrick, Jori Chisolm, Tyler Fry, and so many more! One of my favorite quotes from the book come from Scott Currie, "Never waste any opportunity to learn or ask questions of those you want to emulate.". This quote really carries the theme of the book as you read time and again where many of these players excelled by not being afraid to approach the best of the best and work as hard as possible to get where they are today!

With a chapter dedicated to each of the forty-two champions readers are able to dive right in finding themselves immersed in some of the most inspirational stories to come from the pipe band world. Having a combined 200+ World Championships and Gold Medals, it doesn't matter if you are a piper, drummer, drum major, or just a pipe band enthusiast this is a book that you will be able to read again and again. Our Journey definitely has the heart of a champion!

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