Brow Fry Bass Harness

by: Johnny Rowe

When asked me to do a product review for the BrowFry bass drum carrier, it was a no-brainer.

I have played the BrowFry harness for the last 15 yrs and have rarely been disappointed.


First of all, the harness is very lightweight, which makes it easy to wear,  and it sits comfortably on the body and provides a freedom of arm and shoulder movement second to none.

The heavy gauge straps and strong plastic fastening buckles have never been a problem for me and are very strong and dependable, yet easy to adjust.

The constructing of the bottom plate of the harness has a good degree of flex, which is great as it conforms slightly to your body as it moves during performance.

The hook sits up fairly high on the upper cross bar which helps the drum sit up a little higher on your body than normal ( compared to some other harnesses). This is handy as it elevates the drum to sit in more ergonomic position for playing. Having the drum up higher also enables the tone of the drum to carry out and OVER the band, thus making it easier to be heard blending with the pipes.


The BrowFry harness is available in a number of different stock finishes but custom orders can be requested to match 'your look', should you desire.

Comfort / Affordability

Due to its lightweight construction, it is a very light and comfortable harness.

Definitely a plus for those novice players during long parades or for the pro during long practice sessions.

It's size makes it and easy stash in a larger kitbag or in a suitcase for travel ( to those big band championships, for example).

The affordable price makes it a no-brainer when compared to other harnesses on the market , which lets face it, it a huge factor for most people.

Pros / Cons

If the BrowFry harness did have a weakness, it would be the 'slippery' nature of the straps. Although strong and easy to adjust, they do tend to slip a bit due to the slightly 'slippery' finish of the material. A small but at times annoying thing to deal with.

The life span of the harness is excellent and should you need a new one, Brian ( Brow himself) will recycle your old one  if you like. Brian is very accommodating and a friendly guy to deal with.

I personally have used these harnesses for many years since joining the 78th Frasers and they have been a regular part of my setup.  I'd highly recommend trying one out.

- Johnny Rowe
Bass drummer -
Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band

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