Matt Bellia


Matt is the former lead tenor for the 78th Fraser Highlanders winning multiple awards in both solo and band competitions. Matt is also the creator of the Bellia Tenor Harness, one of the most comfortable and versatile harness on the market for mid-sections.


Mike Cole


Mike Cole is one of the world's foremost experts and educators in pipe band bass, tenor and snare drumming. Mike Began his pipe band career in 1987 having instructed workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Scotland, as well as Mexico.


Craig Colquhoun


Craig is a three-time winner of the Best Bass Section award at the World Pipe Band Championships. Hoss is a renowned innovator in the pipe band drumming world with his Hosbilt drumming products.


Scott Currie ​


Scott is began his pipe band drumming career in 1987 taking numerous awards along the way including World Championships. Scott is the owner of Scott Currie Percussion suppling the piping world with all of the top products and most recently is set to compete with the Grade 1 Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band in 2016.


Andrew Elliott


Andrew is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and joined the Grade 1 FMM as lead tenor drummer in 2013. Andrew is a 4 time MHAF Gold Medal winner, in both bass and tenor drumming and is the owner of Ace Percussion offering fully customizable tenor drum mallets.



Tyler Fry


Tyler is one of the worlds most prolific tenor drummers and six-time winner of the World Championships.  Tyler is an inspirational individual that continues to set the pace musically and with his products through



James Laughlin 


James Laughlin is a World Champion Pipe Band snare drummer and highly sought-after instructor who has been drumming for twenty years. James is the Leading Drummer with the Grade 1 Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band and operates Come2Drum, an outlet for top notch pipe band snare instruction



Johnny Rowe


Johnny joined the Grade 1 78th Fraser Highlanders in Toronto in 2004, and in 2007 helped win Best Drum Corps and Best Bass Section at the World Pipe Band Championships. He is the current PPBSO Champion Supreme in professional bass drumming.


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