TyFry Ultimates

The newest offering from pipe band mallets maker TyFry brings all new bass and tenor sticks in a wide variety of colors. With an all new head design check out the review to get the scoop on this line of products' highs and lows.



TyTune delivers consistently accurate tuning of your Pipe Band Bass or Tenor Drum to the complex Highland Bagpipe scale without the need to transpose from concert pitch to bagpipe pitch.


From world class drummer Craig 'Hoss' Calquhoun is his line of top notch bass and tenor drums. Often seen as the best bass section option this reviews gives you all the detains on Hoss' step back into drum manufacturing.


Our Journey

The book that will captivate your imagination and stimulate your passion for piping and drumming.  Never before have so many of the World's legends shared their stories - we are proud to document the important history of pipers and drummers along with their trials and tribulations.

BrowFry Harness

Created by pipe band bass drummer Brian Fry this lightweight bass harness is used around the world. This review by Professional Bass Drummer Johnny Rowe gives you first hand information on using this harness.


AcoutIQ Mallets

acoustIQ delivers a select range of affordable accessories that offer superb value to every player and every budget. Among their new line of products is the Grand Slam tenor mallet, a light weight and well balanced addition to the world of flourishing tenor!